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• Convenient Three Ring Binder
• Keeps all your disc training notes in one place
• Stand up for easy viewing while practicing
• Clear Pouches keep your cards easily readable while practicing

• Notes section for each set helps you as a team track the 
sets you have tried and the training points of each.

• Finished sets can be logged and put into play, with several live sets ready you have a freestyle routine! 

Select 5 cards at random from your 
Ready for Action pile,
• Try the set out - 
Note what works and doesn't work,

New sets give us the opportunity to 
become more creative in our routines, 
think about set ups, linking and disc
management while playing.

If the random set works - keep it!
Add it to the Live Sets page - 
and reshuffle those cards back in.

And Try another set!

DISC DOG 101 Lesson Cards are a novice introduction to the Disc Dog Sport. Content is similar to the training tips found on the training page.  Printed on a heavy card stock and bound with a metal ring, they are great to take with you to the park!  Notes section on the back side of cards.
Large Set of Basic Freestyle Moves
DISC DOG 101 Lesson Cards are great instructors tool. Use as a lesson plan, send your students home with Lesson and notes to work on during the week.

Advanced Lessons Coming Soon.
Starter Set!
See training tips

I have been training and competing in Disc Dogs for over ten years, in that time the sport had grown and evolved. Its all very exciting! These products I created for my own use as I did not see a product on the market, so I created them to fill the lack of a training companion. 

Disc Dog 101 training companions. 
*I teach novice players and really wanted to send them home with written material of the lesson we did that evening, as well as notes from the lesson, and in a fashion it was easy for students to take to the park and work on over the week. As well as taking notes for us to address at next session. So the lesson cards were born. I am sharing if anyone else is interested!  :)

*I have a pile of note cards and scrap papers from the years of routine building...also found taking them to the yard to try a bit difficult, so the notebook is my solution.....Enjoy!